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Obsidian Bold - Italian - Darkest Roast

Obsidian Bold - Italian - Darkest Roast

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Obsidian Bold is an unyielding tribute to the robust intensity of dark roast coffee. Its flavors unfurl like a midnight symphony, offering a brew that's rich and bold, with an undercurrent of tantalizing complexity that echoes the mysterious depth of obsidian stones.

Which Style is Best – Whole Bean or Ground?

Whole Bean Coffee: 
These are the tough guys of the coffee world - pure, unbroken, and full of untapped potential. Our whole beans are like a secret stash of flavor treasure waiting to be unleashed. But remember, to crack the code, you'll need a coffee grinder, mate!

Drip Coffee: 
Drip coffee? Nah, we prefer to call it 'Flavor Rain'! This isn't about the grind; it's about the journey - water travels through a field of medium-ground coffee, gathering a crowd of flavors on the way. Ideal for your home coffee machine, drip coffee is a fun ride for your taste buds. But remember, it's the journey, not the destination, that counts! 

Fine Ground Coffee: 
These are like the high-speed thrill-seekers of the coffee grind world. They're finely ground to the consistency of yeti dust. Their small size lets the flavors get out fast and furious - ideal for espresso machines and Aeropress. But beware of over-brewing, or they'll turn bitter faster than a yeti's winter morning.

Coarse Ground Coffee: 
Coarse? Nah, think rugged. These are the big Yeti tracks of the coffee grind kingdom, for those brew methods that aren't in a rush, like a lazy Sunday French press or a chilled-out cold brew. The resulting brew is as robust and daring as a yeti's footprints!


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