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Noir Symphony - Dark Roast

Noir Symphony - Dark Roast

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Composing a symphony of flavor notes from six different beans, this dark roast brew plays an enchanting melody on your palate, lighter than the darkest roasts but bursting with vibrancy.

Which Style is Best – Whole Bean or Ground?

Whole Bean Coffee: 
These are the tough guys of the coffee world - pure, unbroken, and full of untapped potential. Our whole beans are like a secret stash of flavor treasure waiting to be unleashed. But remember, to crack the code, you'll need a coffee grinder, mate!

Drip Coffee: 
Drip coffee? Nah, we prefer to call it 'Flavor Rain'! This isn't about the grind; it's about the journey - water travels through a field of medium-ground coffee, gathering a crowd of flavors on the way. Ideal for your home coffee machine, drip coffee is a fun ride for your taste buds. But remember, it's the journey, not the destination, that counts! 

Fine Ground Coffee: 
These are like the high-speed thrill-seekers of the coffee grind world. They're finely ground to the consistency of yeti dust. Their small size lets the flavors get out fast and furious - ideal for espresso machines and Aeropress. But beware of over-brewing, or they'll turn bitter faster than a yeti's winter morning.

Coarse Ground Coffee: 
Coarse? Nah, think rugged. These are the big Yeti tracks of the coffee grind kingdom, for those brew methods that aren't in a rush, like a lazy Sunday French press or a chilled-out cold brew. The resulting brew is as robust and daring as a yeti's footprints!


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